Swimming Mind Training Hypnosis by Craig Townsend 1.0

Swimming Mind Training Hypnosis by Craig Townsend 1.0



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Date Added:29 July, 2014

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Transform Your Swimming Times with Mental Training:

*Are you a better swimmer than your results are showing?

*Great in swimming training, but not receiving the rewards?

*Does your confidence disappear at the big swim meets?

*Or just trying to move to the next level?

No problem! ˜Mind Training for Swimming™ contains a powerful hypnosis /visualization recording for swimmers, to boost confidence, belief, focus, technique, overcome nerves, doubts, negativity, intimidation, access ˜the Zone™ more easily (the peak performance state), and transform your swimming performances over the weeks and months ahead.

*Increased Belief & Inner Confidence in Your Swimming Ability

*Overcome Nerves, Intimidation, Self Sabotage, Criticism, or Emotional Upsets

*Increased Consistency & Concentration In Performance, In Both Practice & Competition

*Overcoming Negative Thoughts, Doubts, Negative Self-Talk, & Lack Of Belief in Your Ability

*Performing More Strongly Under Pressure

*Increasing Positivity, Belief, Calmness, Clarity & Motivation

*Pre-Program Your Mind And Body for a Perfect Performance

*Strengthen Focus, Concentration & Mental Stamina

œ"I have listened to your program a number of times now and I am most impressed. I also gave it to a friend who used to be a National swimmer and she too thought it was excellent. This is a program I would encourage coaches encourage their top and elite swimmers to buy".
Peter Ruddock
* Aust. National Accreditation Swimming Coach Level III

Craig Townsend (Dip. Clin. Hyp.) is Director of Its Mind over Matter, clinical hypnotherapist, author and a motivational speaker who has worked in the area of sports mental training and personal development over the past 20 years, and also coached tennis for many years. Since 1999, his website http://www.MindTraining.net quickly established a strong reputation around the world, in the areas of sporting excellence and self help, creating a wide range of powerful hypnosis / visualization recordings which delivered impressive results.
His revolutionary 'Mind Training for Swimmers' Program and extensive Mental Training Archive have been utilized all over the world by National and State Swimming Associations, Coaches Associations, National Coaches, major swimming websites, many US university teams, Australian Clubs, international swimming medallists and Head Coaches at countless centres around the globe. Craig researched and experimented with the numerous methods of tapping the mind's potential over the past two decades.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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